Trails and Triangulations

Tales of a middle aged mum taking to the trails


About Me

I discovered the joy of running in my 40s; now I'm upping my distance and endurance to venture into the world of trail running. I'm making the most of my free time now my children are self sufficient - no more school runs - time to take on trail runs!

I'd like to share my routes and the beautiful scenery I've experienced.

I've been lucky enough to join Team Macmillan for the 2021 London Marathon. If you like my site; please follow the link to make a donation, and help support families affected by cancer.


Prestatyn Prydferth

At Prestatyn station, I turn left to go back towards the sea. I enjoy a final push along the promenade, exhilarated to run by the coast.

Three Moels and a Flapjack

I set off for North Wales with some trepidation. Today, I'm going to try and run further than I have ever run before; and up a big hill.